Friday, July 3, 2009


Okay... so the compy has been delayed 2 weeks now. We called and here the order got stuck in limbo on someones desk and they forgot about it or something..... so.... hopefully it will be coming soon.... hopefully. So I've been trying to clean out my compy so I can still keep it running till I get a new one, but the color printer broke, and the cdr thingy isn't working so I can't get any of my old stuff off of here without deleting it. Which for me is obviosly NOT in the picture!!1

Updates: so I haven't been able to do anything compy wise, but I have been crocheting up a storm!!!1 Multi-colored bunnies and bears, rainbow turtles, dinos and giraffes, heehee it's sooo much fun!!!
I have found it very productive to multitask while watching TV. I will walk on this thing called a Gazelle while crocheting and watching TV. I get my excersize done and I get to watch reruns of Avatar and Danny Phantom until I want to puke!!! Yea Me!!!!

Sorry about the last post. For some reason I couldn't edit it after I found out it wouldn't let me put pics on it, then it wouldn't let me post something new. Then the compy crashed..... Yea!!!!

Sorry about my rambles and hope to be back up and running soon!!!