Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why Hewwooo!!!! Time to blogerate!

Well... I need to get better at keeping my schedule.... I have updated though... Only have a few on the shop but it is up and running again!!!

I bought some fluff a while back...( I've been teaching myself how to spin on some spindles I made)... I am sooo addicted to spinning now!!! but I wanted to show you guys the fluff then the yarn and then what I made out of it... right now just fluff... soo sorry, not quite done spinning yet... Almost done with my merino though!!! SOOOO excited!!!1

This first stuff I got from sdspin romney wool fleece of aaaahhhhhh!!!!!!SSSSS
corriedale fleece from heaven
aaannnnddd merino top of georgeousness...

This is from Dyeingforcolor

Superwash of goodness!!!

I have some more but I'm getting lazy and I have no idea when I'll get around to it!!! ^_^ Can't wait to show you all!!!!! BEWARE!!!!!