Monday, July 12, 2010

AWESOMENESS!!!! and a new site direction!

Sooo... I can't find my camera... but marcia ( told me I should also post awesome things I find, really cheap (cuz I'm I thrifty person who has no moola! ) soooooooo mine first post is on this aawesome Korean website! My favorite part is the awesomeness of the stamps and pencil cases!!! I bought so many gifts! Don't be suprised if you thought you ordered a different color because most of the descriptions is in images which does not translate, but everything is so awesome it doesn't matter much! The prices are great and the shipping is really reasonable. It is measured by weight so it only cost about 7 $ for a whole box of yayay goodies!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!
now go get your awesome oriental happinesses!