Tuesday, October 29, 2013

not mia anymore!

so, yeah.............. been a while!  Life has been........  yeahh.....  moving, foot surgury, new job, almost buying a house, maybe applying to a big name toy company,  not getting a house, trying to figure out life in general and trying to downsize so i can fit in my parent's place till i can figure out whats up..... O_o

so anyway.  Hopefully stuff will be happening again on a timeline where i am not so bogged down getting things done i have no life or time to update anything.    lots of new projects, ideas, etc.  Thought about wiping the whole blog basically and starting over at a new place, too much work for the moment so here we are.... rambling....

On to fun stuff.  Things I have been doing.... wow ok maybe photos will be best to show whats been up? not in any specific order...... check out my flickr to see more of what ive been up to.... ^_^    Hopefully much more fun stuff to see soon!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Lots of animals.

Ok. So now that the South Side Works Exposed in Pittsburgh is over im starting work on new animals and other fun things!!!

Finally found the perfect color of yarn for skin tone. ( mermaids for one) and am trying to decide color choices for some other animals.

I have also been working on mini animals. Yea!!!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

baby kangaroo now available with the momma!

Yes! the baby kangaroo is now available with the momma! So excited! Hoping to get those skeletons up by the end of next week and maybe some hats if i ever get time to photograph them.

I have also started customizing my little ponies again. I haven't done any since middle school, only some restorations and i found my old box of half finished ponies and couldn't resist! so hopefully I can show those off! working on a fakie for a contest, and a mounted moose head! much glitter and sparkles will ensue!!!!

Saturday, January 7, 2012


back to classes... break was the most crazy ever! between orders and my computer crashing at least 3 times i haven't had time to do most anything! well not much to say but im still alive and arting! Did some fun caracters and a baby joey to go with the big one i have in the shop soon!!! so here's some pics and im off!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

chaos and cute video

ok so blogger doesn't want to let me upload any images.. again... so i bailed last couple times and did something else, either didn't update or the vespers thing... so heres a cute video i am in love with. Perpetually stuck in my head!

on other notes, i am yet again blogged down by final projects and christmas orders... so you might not hear much of me! sorry <3

Yarn shop adventure

So we went to lake george new york for the week. And i have been crocheting like a mad woman. I decided to only make stuff i want to... Because well, its vacation. Pics of those soon to come!!!

Of course though i had to hit up the local yarn shop!!!!

The Yarn Angel had so much luscious yarn!!!! I wanted it ALL. I only took away 3 skeins though!! ^_^
I will definitely stop in next time we are in the area.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Vespers

So i want everyone to know about these awesome people!  The Vespers, an amazing band  who I have had the pleasure of meeting.  They are in need of help for their second cd to raise funds, and if you help you can also get their next album before it comes out!!! ( only till the 25th so hurry!!!!!)   Check out their website to listen to their first cd and their music video for their second and support them on kickstarter!