Tuesday, October 29, 2013

not mia anymore!

so, yeah.............. been a while!  Life has been........  yeahh.....  moving, foot surgury, new job, almost buying a house, maybe applying to a big name toy company,  not getting a house, trying to figure out life in general and trying to downsize so i can fit in my parent's place till i can figure out whats up..... O_o

so anyway.  Hopefully stuff will be happening again on a timeline where i am not so bogged down getting things done i have no life or time to update anything.    lots of new projects, ideas, etc.  Thought about wiping the whole blog basically and starting over at a new place, too much work for the moment so here we are.... rambling....

On to fun stuff.  Things I have been doing.... wow ok maybe photos will be best to show whats been up? not in any specific order...... check out my flickr to see more of what ive been up to.... ^_^    Hopefully much more fun stuff to see soon!

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