Thursday, September 8, 2011


so I am getting ready for the Christmas season.... it still feels too early...
I am so excited I thought I should share!!! I will have PDF files of patterns, I will upload one a week at least! It all depends upon my schedule. I have also been working on momma and baby sets! so the giraffe and elephant will have companions soon!!! Here's a sneak peek at the baby giraffe!

also will be a skeleton, hopefully not too too late for Halloween, a foot plus tall lion, pocket ninja jewelry and phone charms, squirrels, and of course glittery Christmas pandas, bears, and bunnies, just to name a few! I've been working hard, making a stash of stuff so hopefully I don't have the same last minute craziness combined with finals like what happened last year. Sorry buyers!!!

I have also learned about organizing and planning better and hopefully this "write everything in one book and color code it" will work! I'm praying so!

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