Saturday, October 22, 2011

so much to do, so little time!

I have been overwelmed the past 2 weeks or so. Between school work, etsy orders and the continuous unpacking i have had little time to get stuff done. But it has been worth it!!! I have dyed over 15 yards of fabric, made a felt sculpture doll, done many drawings, made 3 cows, put up shelving and unpacked almost all of my My Little Ponies and built an IKEA desk and shelving unit... just to name a few... ^__^ponies ponies ponies o how i love them!!!!

3 self portraits and another drawing... all for one class in one day!!! WOOPED!!!

My prof was talking about making parfaits (the dying kind... not the food kind) and said you put 3 or 4 in a batch. I asked if you could do more and she said she didn't know, no one had ever tried. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. this is an 11 part parfait of the rainbow!!! I wish i had either stuck another red on the top so i could get a burgundy, or put yellow on top because it all but disappeared!

my needle felted doll with hand made clothing and a moss and felted stand... WHY OH WHY DID I PUT OVER 45 HOURS INTO THIS PROJECT??!! BECAUSE IT WAS SOOO WORTH IT!!!!

I also stuffed some hand spun cotton yarn i had acquired into the dye when dyeing my fabric.... such a good idea!!! I love the results!!!<3

More on the IKEA adventure laters!!!

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